About District

Kanker district is located in the Southern region of Chhattisgarh.

Earlier Kanker was a part of old Bastar district. But in 1998, Kanker was recognized as a district.

Kanker is located in the longitude of 20.6-20.24 and the latitude is 80.48-81.48. The total area of the district is approximately 5285.01 square kilometers. The small mountainous area is seen in the whole mountainous area. Mainly flows through the district in five rivers- Milk River, Mahanadi, Hukkul River, Sindur River and Turu River.

Kanker is 140 km from Raipur and 160 kilometers from Jagdalpur. Taxis are also available along the road and private buses on the National Highway.

At present, there are 7 tehsils in Kanker district, namely Kanker, Charama, Narharpur, Bhanupratapur, Antagarh, Durgukondal and Koyalibeda. The total number of villages is 1004. The number of revenue villages is 995 whereas forest villages are 9.